Arthletic Dark Crystal Leggings

 Dark, seductive, mysterious and utterly attractive. These are stunners for sure and you'll notice that the first time you put them on your beautiful legs! ;)


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Arthletic wear Dark Crystal leggings

Product features

  • Made for comfort and ultimate performance.
  • The high waist design provides you with confidence to bend over and twist as much as you want without the fear of your tummy popping out. 
  • The longer length of the leggings makes these perfect for yoga, dance, ballet, etc. You will be able to move through your flows with ease and grace. Slide them up when wearing any type of footwear and they will still hold their perfect fit.
  • Sewn both inside and out to ensure maximum performance no matter how much you stretch or move.


Fabric descriptions

  • Fabric composition: 83% polyester, 17% lycra 
  • Fabric imported from Italy
  • Weight: 195 g/m2


Fabric features: 

- Muscle control
- Breathable
- Pilling resistant
- Ultrachlorine resistant
- UV protection
- Perfect fit
- Two-way stretch


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